I'm curious about the development of Satanism in Japan

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I'm curious about the development of Satanism in Japan

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First of all, I wish my friends in Asia a happy New Year. I'd like to know how Satanism develops in liberal and democratic Japan
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Re: I'm curious about the development of Satanism in Japan

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Re: I'm curious about the development of Satanism in Japan

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Richard666 wrote:
Sat Dec 31, 2022 6:54 pm
First of all, I wish my friends in Asia a happy New Year. I'd like to know how Satanism develops in liberal and democratic Japan
I would do some research on Ancient Chinese religion (not Buddhism, more on that explained as you read). From what I've seen, Japan and Korea, and even Southeast Asians pretty-much imported much of their culture from Ancient China (despite phony nationalists claiming that "they invented" it, courtesy of the kike propaganda), as Ancient China is the literal cradle empire of Far Eastern civilization, the literal Greece of Asia if you ask me. Their legacy in the East is rivaled probably only by India, so spreading Satanism should be "nothing new" to Japan and Asia, since literally bout good 80% of it already Satanic (traditional Asian religions do love that number 8, though its numerological meaning to them differs from what I've seen in JoS numerology). If it wasn't for communism, the cold war would have definitely been between US/Europe and China, but in a more friendly and non-hostile manner.

Japan too, obviously became a major center in her own right, became like the "Germany of Asia" (it literally does remind of Germany in many ways), embracing modernization and innovation and using masculine energies (Chinese religion kind of have an over-focus on the feminine energies). Germany and Japan literally formed a fully-justified alliance in WW2. Japan kind of continued where the Chinese left off.

The reason why I stated "not Buddhism" is that Buddhism is indeed, corrupted and the pre-Buddhist dynasties of China had Gods, worshiped the Gods and many were indeed, Gods, I think they refer to the eras the "Early Xia Dynasty", and Traditional Chinese religion from what I see does indeed, have heavy Goddess-veneration and feminine energy-based occultism.

By the way, Beelzebub is the Patron Demon of the Asiatic race, this is more evident in Tengrism, the Mongolian-Turkic religion, which is the same as the Chinese God Tian.

Now on "Buddhism", although the HPs in JoS' early days tended to be sympathetic to Buddhists, but do realize that Buddhism is heavily corrupted, teaches that the Soul doesn't exist, and also corrupted the meaning of nirvana/Godhood, it's like almost like what Judaism is to the Ancient Middle Eastern world, an enemy program mean to degress people of Asia and spread confusion.

Now about Japan's "democracy"....I wouldn't say it's completely free, from what I heard you can get in legal trouble in Japan for having pro-Axis views, as the Japanese hated the kikes and fought against them in World War II. I could be wrong and it's up to you to validate that, but I'd be careful, even in a country like U.S. where it isn't de jure illegal to sympathize with the Axis, people will give you serious issues, even to the point of putting your life in danger.

One area of improvement that Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and Southeast Asians could benefit from SS activity is breaking free from the artificial hatred that the kikes created between them. Lots of nonsensical hatred between Japan and China, and they propagate this shit in the medias of both nations. As a kid, when I'd read about the wars between Japan and China none of it ever made sense to me, or when I had Chinese or Japanese students back in college talking shit about the other nation, when virtually only a "20% difference" exists between them. It reminds me of the English and Celtic rivalry, and on a more modern topic - it's what they're trying to between Ukrainians and Russians.

Asians should also focus spiritually on toppling the communist gov't in China since the Chinese are the most oppressed of all the Asians (go-figures, since they were such a Satanic cradle of course the kikes targeted them and hijacked their land and their temples, same reason they nuked Japan, the "source").

Hope you can stick by, your people need it, hope to see a time where the Oriental forum becomes "blossoming" with dedicated SS and new members posting regularly!
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