I saw so many auspicious signs today!

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I saw so many auspicious signs today!

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Tabby and I went on a walk today through a trail. What we saw first was a bald eagle flying directly overhead. At first I thought it might have been a vulture because they are commonly seen around here, but then we saw the white head. I don't see eagles very often so it was really exciting. We saw it fly off towards the horizon.

The next sight we saw was a crow that flew right over our heads. At first it seemed big so I thought it was a raven, but it looked more like a crow. I think it was around this time, or slightly after seeing the eagle that Tabby asked me if it's common to see deer on this trail. I told her I've seen lots of deer further in because hunters aren't allowed to hunt there which I think the deer figured out.

A little ways in, we took in the overhead view of rushing currents down the river.

It was close to the end of the trail that we saw 3 deer together in the woods off trail, and they rushed off a little ways. It was amazing.

Finally, on the way back we were surprised once again to look in the sky and see the huge Moon right in front of us. It looked awesome. I know the full moon is tomorrow, but it still had the enlarged moon effect of a Super Moon.

The different signs reminded me of the Magnum Opus. The Eagle of Jupiter, the Soma Moon, the deer horns of Mercury, and the crow of death heralding rebirth.

I'm so glad we went on that walk today. It was such a nice dazzling treat.
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