a very big compliment to JoS ministry and to all my dear brothers and sisters in Satan

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a very big compliment to JoS ministry and to all my dear brothers and sisters in Satan

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Hi to all my dear brothers and sisters in the true ancient God Satan(Shiva,Vishnu Melek Taus ,Azazel,belzeebub etc etc) with whatever name HE is called ,He is the same God since ancient civilisations .Just that his name is different in different culture ..I would really like to thank this ministry and praise the gods who have actually led me to this wonderful blog..I also like to thank all my brothers and sisters in our wonderful father Satan who actually take their precious time to answer newbies like me and others ..I am really feeling a lot better ...There is a powerful God called Garuda in sanatana dharma(hinduism)who is said to be the bird of Lord Vishnu(naarayana)..There is a very powerful manthra for him ,which goes like this

aum shree kaarunyaaya, garudaaya , vedha - roopaaya ,vinadhaa - puthraaya ,vishnu bhakthi priyaa ya ,amritha kalasa hasthaaya ,bahu paraa - kramaaya, Pakshi - Raajaaya sarva vakra naasa-naaya ,sarva dosha, sarpa dosha ,visha sarpa vinaa -sanaaya namaha

This is a very powerful Garuda manthra which when chanted everyday for 33 times (morning 11 ,evening 11 ,night 11) for continuously 3-6 months can totally make all planets in your natal chart to work in your favour and all the upcoming (if any) misfortunes are also removed ..This manthra is very efficient in destroying or removing kaal sarpa dosha(dosha caused due to north and south node of moon),and also all other planets which are malefic in the natal chart ..
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