Romanticization of the Dark Ages is Jewish

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Romanticization of the Dark Ages is Jewish

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Hello Satanic Brothers and Sisters and Hail Satan!

Many of you already know that Christianity is Communism. The argument of this thread is something we don't talk too much about on the forums: the romanticization of the Middle Ages. Other than the fact that no SS can ever praise such horrible historical period where he would have been tortured to death, or worse, there are these idiotic "historians" who attempt to convince the sheep people that it was actually "good". These useful idiots are considered "politically incorrect" by the idiots who buys their lies.

But the question that comes to mind is: who is behind all of this?

Well, have a look. If you can take a look at this quote from (((Salo Wittmayer Baron))):
"If there was no Catholic Church, the Jews would have not survived in the Medieval Christian Europe."

This quote is already a good reason to not trust (((historians))). But let's also check some of the founders of modern gothicism:
William Morris: This man is definitely a Jew, the surname is what makes me think so. Not only that, but he was also a Communist and a close friend of Rabbi Karl Marx. A minor note is that, without him, there would have never been any Hobbit nor LOTR, as he is the "father of fantasy literature" and one of the inspirations behind the two books.
John Ruskin: Nice of Wikipedia using a photo where he confirms his belonging to Freemasonry. Anyway, this is an "art critic" who had the audacity to say that we should let the monuments to decay.
Augustus Pugin: I'm sorry to those who like the Big Ben, but the builder was a very radical Catholitard, who was so radical that he wanted a world where only Gothic art can exist. And that, according to him, could be achieved only by forcing people into Catholicism.

There are many more characters that belongs to Neo-Gothicism that can be listed, but I'll let you doing the research. All of them have the same characteristic however: being Judeo-Xian apologists and Anti-Pagan that despise Classical art. Need to say more?

In short. all romanticizers of the Dark Ages are either Jews or Communists. If we were in a sane society, people would've discarded them without even listening.

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