World truth videos account removed

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World truth videos account removed

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I tried to do some research lately by finding some videos on world truth videos, but was unable to log in. Or even to sign up for a new account. Anyone has had the same problem? The site used to run like shit, but now its pretty fast. There is a pop up that states:

Never, Ever use a jews words or "Research" to prop up a particular theory or stance that you have on any of my websites because I will nuke you faster than you can say
"In a Jiffy"

That is some ridiculous crap since this site focuses only on surpressed information regarding the jews and blacks most often. Still there are allot of these white nationalists that are xtian. And there are some videos exposing how xtianity is jewish. I got the impression that the owner of the site is a actual xtian. Since he supposedly "nuked" me from his platform. I wouldn't be surprised that this platform is controlled opposition.
Allot of these pro xtian videos are more welcomed than anything to do with the Joy of Satan or Satanism. Ofcourse the jews are called "Satanist" by these christ cucks.
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