Question #465: Very old bible [To Clergy]

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Question #465: Very old bible [To Clergy]

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Hello to the Joy of Satan Clergy. I have a very old bible, centuries old that I would like to offer to the Ministries. I strongly feel that you would know what to do with it. I have not studied it but know some "popular" passages are worded differently.
My intention is to help expose the corrupt enemy.
What better than to have their own filth used against them & point out gradual changes over time? I ask: would the JoS Clergy/ministries be interested in this item?
I do not wish for this question to be posted on the forum website, if someone from the JoS Ministries or Clergy would maintain correspondence, I would be greatly appreciative. My email is al*******************
I wasn't certain how to reach out regarding this matter. Thank you for reading & for your time.

It is a sizable

[Note from AS Operator: Email censored for safety. Please directly email clergy about this. Interested clergy can also access the AS service for the uncensored version.]
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Re: Question #465: Very old bible [To Clergy]

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If you want to get rid of that damn book and it is a very old copy you could try to talk to an antique dealer to appraise its value and sell it as an antique and so you would make a profit by getting rid of it.
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